How To Create A Great Live Video For Your Marketing

In our previous post we covered the importance of using Live Video Marketing [...]

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Why Every Business Owner & Entrepreneur NEED A Video Marketing Strategy

7 Video Marketing has been around for over a decade, and yet we [...]

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Cell phones costing business owners customers

Unbelievably, mobile marketing is seen as the hottest trend in marketing today. There are almost 5 billion cell phone users in the world, and the majority of them stay in close contact with their phones at all times. It has been observed that using text messages has become a medium that the majority of North Americans are completely at ease with. Modern businesses have begun to take note: if they’re going to stay relevant, and stay in constant communication with their prospects and leads, and their customers and members, they’re going to have to begin adopting mobile marketing. […]

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The Truth about Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter, according to most PR gurus are not the only social media networks that reap big results. You’ll find yourself lost if you were ever to watch a social media expert navigate their way around all the different social networks and blogs. With the growing use of social networking by professionals, there is a growing number of social networking sites focused on business users and meeting their need […]

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8 Things to do for Facebook Advertising

The decision to advertise your business is a necessary and a smart one. Where and how?…that is the question. Read below for the 8 reasons why Social Media works . […]

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