They say that nothing is as attractive as the sound of a persons name. I would beg to differ. The one thing sweeter than the sound of one’s own name is having the name followed by; “… job well done! and Thank you!” Being recognized for the hard work, focus on quality and dedication to the client is only second to seeing our clients viewed as an authority in their niche or market. From all of us to all of you…”THANK YOU!”

Mr. Robert Vico – Outrageous Promotions
National Author, Branding Expert, creator of “Next 100 Clients”

Mr. Vico had success in his market, however, due to aggressive competition he had yet to break through online. After writing his book he had positioned himself as an expert, but lacked the authority status needed to set himself apart from others in his niche. He was referred to us by a member of his Mastermind Group and bought us on board. We took the reigns, had him featured on major news network sites, positioned him as an authority on social media and helped launch his weekly LIVE video broadcast where he has interviewed and featured dozens of experts in the field of sales and marketing. We also helped him rank on page one of Google which has helped his phone to ring with new business.


Mrs. Cristy Arce – Coffee With Cristy
Author, Small Business Success Trainer & National Talk Show Host

When Cristy came to us she had a vision. She wanted to be known for helping momtrepreneurs be successful in building their business. As a published author with 17 years of experience under her belt she was already an established expert in her field. However this was a new endeavor, a focused niche and something she had never done before. She also had one requirement. She stated; “I do not want my online audience to be purchased, or manipulated. I want to grow organically and naturally, however I would like to grow quickly and be local.” We said “Yes ma’am, and went to work. We started from zero, no concept, no colors, and no fan base. We launched her social media, created her Logo, gave her a distinguishable brand that easily told her story and in 5 months we had her average video view at 1800 viewers and her page OVER 1200 organic fans. We had her featured on ABC and NBC news sites as well as in the Miami Herald Financial webapge. She now goes out and is stopped by people that ask her “Are you Cristy?” or tell her “I watch your show faithfully.” She now has a waiting list for her paid monthly Mastermind Group. She IS now an authority for momtrepreneurs, a go to person for advice, her reach is growing “organically” and she is a leader in her community. THIS is what we do!



It is an honor to get feed back from our peers. Working with professionals is always an “Iron Sharpens Iron” experience and we are humbled by the plaudits we receive. Integrity is a vital aprt of our company and we hope to set the bar where other companies can focus more on the client and not on the profits!

Mr. Adam O’Leary
International Sales V.P.
Real Estate 360 Video Expert

Elizabeth Pelton – Digital Strategies
Vice President