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We’ve all heard of the Social Media influence and everyone now-a-days is an “Influencer” or a guru of sorts. While we can’t completely discredit what these people do, we’re introducing you to the concept of Social Authority.

At Social Biz Flow we are Authority Architects creating a personalized blueprint to catapult a company or entrepreneur several levels into the sphere of influence.

First, let’s begin with our most frequently asked question:

What is Social Authority?

The real value of Social Media comes from engaging in conversations that lead to opportunities. The more you give, the more your social capital grows, and the more people come to trust you.

So, Social Authority is developed when an individual or organization is recognized as an expert in a given field or topic. Social Media provides the platform for thought leaders and experts to establish Social Authority regardless of budget constraints or available marketing resources. It is obtained by regularly participating in online conversations and contributing valuable information in an honest and genuine approach.

Historically, visibility was defined by “who you knew” and “what you knew”. Social Media has introduced two new components: who knows you and what you are known for. People have many new ways to discover you and tap into your expertise. And you have many new ways to communicate your expertise in a way that builds your reputation as an expert. Social Authority creates trust and trust greases the wheels of commerce.

Building Social Authority requires a new way of thinking about your company and your customers. Social Biz Flow’s real objective is to show you how to build trust.

Why Social Authority?

We founded Social Biz Flow on the concept of Social Authority. This is a measure of trust and credibility that accrues from mastery of subject matter and a willingness to share that expertise. It can’t be bought at any price because it must be earned. Social Media is only ONE tool of many when building Social Authority. You can build it through writing, speaking, teaching and recognition from others. It just so happens that social media tools are perfect for building Authority on your own without relying upon the benevolence of others.

Social Authority is a new form of capital based on trust. Anyone can build it for nothing more than the cost of their time. It grows in value with use and it pays off in many ways. The more Authority you build, the faster your reputation grows because people share your expertise with their own social networks without demanding payment or asking permission.

Social Biz Flow has lasered in on strategies to build your Social Authority. That means knowing what to say, not just how to talk. Social Media isn’t just an extension of traditional marketing channels, it’s a complement to them.

Building Social Authority means applying the principles of active listening, constructive conversation and pay-it-forward generosity. Ask anyone who has built a large community how they did it and they’ll tell you that they started by giving more than they got.





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