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Video Marketing has been around for over a decade, and yet we are still coming up with new ways of incorporating it into our everyday marketing strategies. The Authority Architects at Social Biz Flow use this fundamental piece of the puzzle in several aspects when building your Social Authority. In this post, we’re going to explore WHY it can help catapult your business into the next several levels of Social Authority!

Live video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most powerful methods of reaching people. Think about some of the major product releases you (or people you know) have been excited about in recent years. Maybe it was the newest iPhone or Macbook. Maybe it was a really cool I.M. product that was hyped up.

Chances are, live video marketing had a part in all the product’s hype. Apple does live streaming events on a regular basis. Why? Because they work! They make product announcements cool and fun, and people feel like they’re learning something before anyone else, because not everyone is able to watch the live event. People can make comments and ask questions. Sometimes you’ll even learn more than your listeners!

In fact, many people are using live video marketing in place of webinars, which is actually beneficial for many reasons, such as:

  • Webinars usually limit the number of viewers to a relatively small number, while many live video platforms don’t have limits or have much larger viewer limits.
  • Many live video marketing methods can promote your live stream for you, even to people who don’t follow you, something webinar platforms can’t do.
  • Most live video platforms are free, while webinar platforms usually charge you a one-time or monthly fee.
  • People are often more comfortable using Facebook or YouTube, whereas they may not want to download software or learn how to use a new website in order to attend a webinar.

There are many benefits to using live video over webinars! In this guide, you’re going to learn some of the best ways to use live video to promote your own services and generate the kind of interest companies like Apple do!

Why Use Live Video Marketing?

In the introduction, we talked about how live video can be huge in generating buzz for a product launch, but that’s not the only use for it. There are several other ways live video marketing can be beneficial to your business.

Here, we’re going to share some of the ways you can use Live Video in your Realty Business!

Generating Buzz

Obviously, live video is great for generating buzz. Apple reportedly had more than 20 million people tune in to watch their keynote address in the summer of 2014. 20 million! That’s absolutely astonishing, and you can imagine how much buzz it generated.

But you don’t have to be as big as Apple to make use of live video marketing for generating buzz for product. Even if you don’t have a big list yourself, you can always promote your live event through partnerships and other methods. We’ll talk more about how to promote your live event in a later chapter.

Conducting Surveys & Research

Another great way to use live video marketing is to conduct research. There’s no better way to get feedback than to ask people during a live broadcast, because people are more open to asking questions and giving their opinions during live broadcasts. This is probably because they see others doing so, which gives them the confidence to speak up themselves.

If you’ve tried doing surveys and didn’t get much in the way of results, this can be a great way to encourage people to give feedback.

Teaching Something

Teaching is another great way to use live video, because you can show people how to do something live, and then answer questions right away instead of fielding questions for days or weeks afterwards like you might if you just posted a video online.

That way, if you haven’t been clear enough about a particular step in the process, or you inadvertently left something out, people can let you know right away and you make changes.

Keeping Interest

Keeping interest is another great use for live video. If you have a list or a fan base on social media or some other platform, live events and streams can keep people interested in what you’re doing, what you have to offer, and who you are.

In this day and age, when thousands (even millions) of people are competing for the same eyeballs in certain genres, it pays to keep your audience interested. You want to keep all eyes focused on you as much as possible. People only have so much time to watch content online. Live streams are one way to ensure more people watch yours instead of someone else’s.

Replacing Webinars

You can use live video to replace any kind of webinar you might think of, and you won’t be charged a fee for the privilege. Webinars can be quite costly, and they have viewership limits, but using a platform like YouTube or Facebook is free and they usually have no limits on viewers or have much larger limits than webinars.

Additionally, most people are already comfortable using Facebook or YouTube, but may be reluctant to download special software or learn how to use a new platform just to attend your webinar.

Live video makes a great replacement for webinars, and once you start doing live events, you may never hold another traditional webinar!