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Is your business stuck in a rut? Do you feel desperate for a change, but simply don’t know where to start? Do you already have a successful business, but would like to grow it even more? Maybe you are BRAND NEW and need the help to boost you to where you need to get to so others can see you as the authority you actually know yourself to be.

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I am Daniel Isaiah Shalach, a full time pastor, influential Business Strategist, inspirational public speaker and co-founder of Social Biz Flow. In the last three years I have discreetly helped dozens of individuals make a 180 degree shift in their lives and take their business to unimaginable heights. My revolutionary view of approaching challenges, unique insight and ability to create new opportunities for growth, all in alignment with God’s principles allow me to help people successfully fight their personal and business battles and come out stronger than ever before.

Fast. Simple. Guaranteed.

After becoming an authority myself in the home loans business and creating an unshake-able reputation, I realized I could use my success formula to help others do the same. Driven by a deep desire to help people thrive in their personal lives and careers, I have envisioned Social Biz Flow as my own way of giving back to the community, while following the path that God has selected for me.

In 2013 I partnered with a stellar team and  created Social Biz Flow with the goal to share my knowledge and success secrets with ambitious entrepreneurs and select businesses and help them achieve staggering success. Aiming to provide our clients with even more opportunities to reach a wider audience and establish themselves and their business as an authority in their field or niche, Social Biz Flow affords the opportunity to create a powerful online presence through epic social media marketing, news media exposure, quality content creation, email marketing strategies and top quality video content – which translates into the  maximum exposure allowed, authority status creation and to potentially thousands of dollars for your business!

Together with my team we have close to 50 years of experience. We will work closely with you to show you how to achieve the goals you desire in a time frame you never imagined you could accomplish it in. Our proven success programs and authority status strategies will have you:

Whatever your business goals, if you qualify to become a client, my team and I will sit closely with you to share our reliable, tested plan and simple, bullet-proof steps to help you change the trajectory of your business and achieve unprecedented success:

  • Grow recognition by appearing on major news stations websites such as CBS, ABC, FOX AND NBC
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Build brand awareness
  • Establish your business as a leader in your industry
  • Skyrocket profits

Through a discreet and easy process, we are able to guarantee that you will see your goals accomplished and establish your business as an authority in your niche within only 6 months! Please be aware that we do not work with everyone. Due to the dedication, hard work and actual results, we closely interview, filter and vote on each applicant. However, once approved you get a royal treatment unseen in any other industry.

Grow Your Business and Support At Risk Teens Get a Second Chance In Life!

Being a dedicated advocate for humanity and a supporter of our at-risk youth, I am passionate about helping people in need, which is why I donate 100% of my earnings to support at risk teens across the country and help them make a new start in life.

With every dollar spent donated to this noble cause, you are also able to do your part in making the world a better place! And this is my vision of success in sync with God’s Love. You

Being so confident about the outcome, we are able to offer you a risk-free, 90 day money back guarantee of complete satisfaction!

With no risk involved, seize the opportunity today! Your new public image is just weeks away!

Our Mission

Being inspired by his faith Daniel Isaiah Shalach, a world-renowned Business Strategist and dedicated Minister, Social Biz Flow was created with a dual purpose:

“To help ambitious entrepreneurs and select business owners catapult their authority status to unprecedented heights. Motivating them to reach their best potential, revolutionize their life and be touched, moved and inspired in the process, all the while helping at risk youth envision, start and launch their own business and change their lifestyle.”

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