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Press Releases. What’s the big deal anyway? 

You might be asking yourself: How am I going to get press coverage? How could I share my news with the whole world without depleting what’s left of my marketing budget? All the best answers point in the same direction: Press Releases. They are the key to efficient, effective and affordable self-promotion.

Press releases deliver exceptional results for virtually any business, regardless of its size, profit margins, profile and industry; which means that this type of content could also work like magic for you. These are the 10 main benefits of Press Releases that are consistently appreciated by our clients:

1.  Instant Exposure

As a small or medium business owner with limited resources, how could you spread the word about your company and services in the most effective manner, without breaking the bank to reach your target?

Because you know that content is king, and distribution is queen, you want to bet everything on stellar copy that will sweep your potential buyers off their feet and make them daydream about your Realty services and talk about it in their sleep.

In this moment, the question that you should ask yourself is this: how do you choose the right type of content and distribution services to achieve this specific goal?

On second thought, why choose when you can benefit from a complex strategy based on an ideal combination of expert articles, blog posts, killer landing pages and Press Releases?

Each type of content plays an important part that you simply can’t afford to ignore. For instance, while landing pages help you introduce your brand and goods/services to the world and convert leads into customers, blog posts allow you to establish a more personal connection with your readers, by answering some of their most burning questions, offering advice, expressing your expert opinion and sharing your insight with your audience.

On the other hand, Press Releases let you build trust and authority on different fronts, by stimulating journalists and media outlets to cover your story, and also by giving your prospects a new reason to visit your store, land on your website, find out more about your most recent accomplishments and try, buy and spread the word about your new product or service.

2.  Increased Client Potential

Aside from bringing credibility and allowing you to stay in the public eye, press releases can also boost your profit margins by highlighting the most remarkable benefits and features of your services that position your merchandise on top of any other alternatives currently available on the market. You may feel the need to write and distribute press releases on different occasions, to announce a series of achievements, such as new technological developments or service launch, a new partnership with a prominent company, a milestone that you have just reached or new acquisitions.

Each event that we’ve mentioned is newsworthy enough to command attention and put you and your business into the spotlight for a certain period of time. While the effectiveness of press releases can be difficult to measure, it’s safe to say that this type of content can be used to refine your message, get ample press coverage and explore an easier path to convince your potential buyers that what you’re selling it worthy of their attention, time and money.

3.  The Chance to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Plan

Recent statistics indicate that 71% of all B2C marketers count on content marketing to generate new prospects. This sounds amazing, but what if we told you that you could actually increase this percentage by using every single tool in your content marketing toolbox to enhance your online visibility, become more popular and close more deals? Press releases represent an exceptional, incredibly affordable marketing addition that you should add to your campaign. You simply cannot go wrong with these tools because they are designed to be controlled by their creators in terms of targeted audience and message.

4.  The Opportunity to Brand Yourself as an Industry Expert

Press releases are a great way to build trust and credibility in your field of expertise. An excellent PR campaign will offer you the chance to brand yourself as a high-authority business owner/entrepreneur and underline the unique attributes of the services you provide.

5.  Increased Traffic to Your Website

According to the data, 80 million people worldwide go online daily, looking for unique insight and exclusive stories. This impressive number reveals just how important it really is to use every trick in the book to push your feature to the top of your prospects’ newsfeed and boost your exposure.

Using press releases, you can do that, while also including one or two links to your blog or website, to guide your reader towards other platforms where you promote and sell your goods. Google has stopped companies from squeezing valuable link juice from press releases by implementing penalties for shady, manipulative link building strategies, a more traditional kind of PR work still represents the key to a flawless communication with journalists, influencers, investors and potential clients.

Without trying to game the system, you could still boost website traffic via press releases (and any other type of quality digital content for that matter), by simply optimizing the key elements of your copy, including keywords, headlines, videos, photos, hashtags and description.

 6.  Important SEO Benefits

Press Releases published by several media outlets will offer you valuable backlinks to your website. Moreover, by optimizing your content, you could increase its visibility online and make your articles searchable on the Internet. Tags pointing to your topic and a set of relevant, industry and company-specific keywords are extremely important elements that you should add to your copy to optimize your press releases and unlock instant SEO benefits.

7.  A New Opportunity to Reach Your Targeted Audience

Press release distribution services are industry-specific and ensure location targeting, a prominent advantage that increases your odds of promoting your message in front of an audience that is more likely to respond to your CTAs. This type of services based on geographical location can maximize your reach and help you get in touch with people who share your vision, mission and interests and would be more inclined to use and recommend your services.

8.  The Perfect Occasion to Distribute Your Content Across Different Channels

When you’re striving to make a name for yourself on an overcrowded market, it is vital to explore all available mediums to express yourself, build and maintain a connection with your public, receive financial support for your upcoming project and lure customers.

Press Releases ensure media coverage and can help you see your story in newspapers and magazines or hear about most recent accomplishments on the radio. Social Biz Flow uses Press Releases as a part of the strategy that we employ to build your Social Authority.

How Could YOU Implement The Benefits Of Press Releases Immediately?

Remember, Press Releases are only part of the strategy. Think of it like a puzzle piece that fits inside of a well-crafted bigger picture. Social Biz Flow utilizes this puzzle piece to catapult your Social Authority and help you get noticed in the community and your market for what you’re doing.

If you’re interested in having a strategy that builds your Social Authority and leverages Press Releases, allowing you to be on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox news sites and more, visit www.SocialBizFlow.com to see what we can do for you.